Source code for jsonrpc.exceptions

""" JSON-RPC Exceptions."""
from . import six
import json

[docs]class JSONRPCError(object): """ Error for JSON-RPC communication. When a rpc call encounters an error, the Response Object MUST contain the error member with a value that is a Object with the following members: Parameters ---------- code: int A Number that indicates the error type that occurred. This MUST be an integer. The error codes from and including -32768 to -32000 are reserved for pre-defined errors. Any code within this range, but not defined explicitly below is reserved for future use. The error codes are nearly the same as those suggested for XML-RPC at the following url: message: str A String providing a short description of the error. The message SHOULD be limited to a concise single sentence. data: int or str or dict or list, optional A Primitive or Structured value that contains additional information about the error. This may be omitted. The value of this member is defined by the Server (e.g. detailed error information, nested errors etc.). """ serialize = staticmethod(json.dumps) deserialize = staticmethod(json.loads) def __init__(self, code=None, message=None, data=None): self._data = dict() self.code = getattr(self.__class__, "CODE", code) self.message = getattr(self.__class__, "MESSAGE", message) = data def __get_code(self): return self._data["code"] def __set_code(self, value): if not isinstance(value, six.integer_types): raise ValueError("Error code should be integer") self._data["code"] = value code = property(__get_code, __set_code) def __get_message(self): return self._data["message"] def __set_message(self, value): if not isinstance(value, six.string_types): raise ValueError("Error message should be string") self._data["message"] = value message = property(__get_message, __set_message) def __get_data(self): return self._data.get("data") def __set_data(self, value): if value is not None: self._data["data"] = value data = property(__get_data, __set_data)
[docs] @classmethod def from_json(cls, json_str): data = cls.deserialize(json_str) return cls( code=data["code"], message=data["message"], data=data.get("data"))
@property def json(self): return self.serialize(self._data)
[docs]class JSONRPCParseError(JSONRPCError): """ Parse Error. Invalid JSON was received by the server. An error occurred on the server while parsing the JSON text. """ CODE = -32700 MESSAGE = "Parse error"
[docs]class JSONRPCInvalidRequest(JSONRPCError): """ Invalid Request. The JSON sent is not a valid Request object. """ CODE = -32600 MESSAGE = "Invalid Request"
[docs]class JSONRPCMethodNotFound(JSONRPCError): """ Method not found. The method does not exist / is not available. """ CODE = -32601 MESSAGE = "Method not found"
[docs]class JSONRPCInvalidParams(JSONRPCError): """ Invalid params. Invalid method parameter(s). """ CODE = -32602 MESSAGE = "Invalid params"
[docs]class JSONRPCInternalError(JSONRPCError): """ Internal error. Internal JSON-RPC error. """ CODE = -32603 MESSAGE = "Internal error"
[docs]class JSONRPCServerError(JSONRPCError): """ Server error. Reserved for implementation-defined server-errors. """ CODE = -32000 MESSAGE = "Server error"
[docs]class JSONRPCException(Exception): """ JSON-RPC Exception.""" pass
[docs]class JSONRPCInvalidRequestException(JSONRPCException): """ Request is not valid.""" pass
[docs]class JSONRPCDispatchException(JSONRPCException): """ JSON-RPC Dispatch Exception. Should be thrown in dispatch methods. """ def __init__(self, code=None, message=None, data=None, *args, **kwargs): super(JSONRPCDispatchException, self).__init__(args, kwargs) self.error = JSONRPCError(code=code, data=data, message=message)