Integration with Django


Django backend is optionaly supported. Library itself does not depend on Django.

Django integration is similar project to project. Starting from version 1.8.4 json-rpc support it and provides convenient way of integration. To add json-rpc to Django project follow steps.

Create api instance

If you want to use default (global) object, skip this step. In most cases it is enougth to start with it, even if you plan to add another version later. Default api is located here:

from jsonrpc.backend.django import api

If you would like to use different api versions (not, you could name methods differently) or use cudtom dispatcher, use

from jsonrpc.backend.django import JSONRPCAPI
api = JSONRPCAPI(dispatcher=<my_dispatcher>)

Later on we assume that you use default api instance

Add api urls to the project

In your file add

urlpatterns = patterns(
    url(r'^api/jsonrpc/', include(api.urls)),

Add methods to api

def my_method(request, *args, **kwargs):
    return args, kwargs


first argument of each method should be request. In this case it is possible to get user and control access to data

Make requests to api

To use api, send POST request to api address. Make sure your message has correct format. Also json-rpc generates method’s map. It is available at <api_url>/map url.