Source code for jsonrpc.dispatcher

""" Dispatcher is used to add methods (functions) to the server.

For usage examples see :meth:`Dispatcher.add_method`

import collections

[docs]class Dispatcher(collections.MutableMapping): """ Dictionary like object which maps method_name to method."""
[docs] def __init__(self, prototype=None): """ Build method dispatcher. Parameters ---------- prototype : object or dict, optional Initial method mapping. Examples -------- Init object with method dictionary. >>> Dispatcher({"sum": lambda a, b: a + b}) None """ self.method_map = dict() if prototype is not None: self.build_method_map(prototype)
def __getitem__(self, key): return self.method_map[key] def __setitem__(self, key, value): self.method_map[key] = value def __delitem__(self, key): del self.method_map[key] def __len__(self): return len(self.method_map) def __iter__(self): return iter(self.method_map) def __repr__(self): return repr(self.method_map) def add_class(self, cls): prefix = cls.__name__.lower() + '.' self.build_method_map(cls(), prefix) def add_object(self, obj): prefix = obj.__class__.__name__.lower() + '.' self.build_method_map(obj, prefix) def add_dict(self, dict, prefix=''): if prefix: prefix += '.' self.build_method_map(dict, prefix)
[docs] def add_method(self, f, name=None): """ Add a method to the dispatcher. Parameters ---------- f : callable Callable to be added. name : str, optional Name to register (the default is function **f** name) Notes ----- When used as a decorator keeps callable object unmodified. Examples -------- Use as method >>> d = Dispatcher() >>> d.add_method(lambda a, b: a + b, name="sum") <function __main__.<lambda>> Or use as decorator >>> d = Dispatcher() >>> @d.add_method def mymethod(*args, **kwargs): print(args, kwargs) """ self.method_map[name or f.__name__] = f return f
[docs] def build_method_map(self, prototype, prefix=''): """ Add prototype methods to the dispatcher. Parameters ---------- prototype : object or dict Initial method mapping. If given prototype is a dictionary then all callable objects will be added to dispatcher. If given prototype is an object then all public methods will be used. prefix: string, optional Prefix of methods """ if not isinstance(prototype, dict): prototype = dict((method, getattr(prototype, method)) for method in dir(prototype) if not method.startswith('_')) for attr, method in prototype.items(): if callable(method): self[prefix + attr] = method